ASB    Karate


PLEASE join our text messaging group for timely updates and reminders! Get information for ASB Karate right on your phone! Text the message @asbk to the number 81010.

ASB Karate Participates in collecting canned and dry food for our local Helping Hands food drive. Please remember to bring donations each week to class!

Check out "Rustic by Choice" our fellow ASB Karate Instructor's store! Ray Weeks!

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Our Partners:

This is ASB Karate's founder, Mike Klumpp. Along with his wife Karen and youngest daughter Brady, they reside in Hong Kong  and are establishing missions and  spreading the Word to that part of the world as only they can!

ASB Karate is an American mixed martial art. We are members of the Global Martial Arts Federation. Our style was developed through 31 years of study in 14 different martial art styles by Master Mike Klumpp. We include training in karate, tae kwon do, and effective street defense.

Dripping Springs Chief instructor John Pumphrey is a 4th generation student of the father of modern karate Guchin Funakoshi and 3rd generation student of the father of American Tae Kwon Do, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee.

ASB Karate teaches karate for sport and fitness but also teaches the difference between competition on the mat and a real struggle on the street. Our goal is to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price.