ASB    Karate


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Student Registration and Responsibilities

Welcome to ASB Karate! Karate is founded on principles of RESPECT. Students are expected to act with respect at all times in the classroom, at home, in school, at church and in the community. Students acting disrespectfully, using their karate inappropriately, bullying, picking on siblings and friends, or kicking and punching away from supervised activities on the mat, may be subject to dismissal. Students should address others as “Mr.” or Ms.” Or by rank and belt color at all times. There should be no gum chewing in class. Jewelry and watches must be removed before class. Uniforms should be neat and worn at each class, acceptable uniform is gi top and pant or school t-shirt and gi pant with belt.  Alternative t-shirts may be worn in the event that a school t-shirt is not available but only with the instructor’s approval. Belts and uniform are the responsibility of the student, and NOT the parents. All senpi (upper belts) are responsible for instruction and should assist lower belts in the activities taking place on the mat. No one is allowed on the mat during instruction unless they are participating in the class or have been instructed to assist by the instructor. Belt testing is determined by the head instructor based on student’s knowledge of class material and behavior in class and at home. All students and family are expected to respect the instruction by conducting themselves in a quiet manner during class.  No one is allowed in the building without a parent or guardian. You have undertaken a unique and wonderful sport which we hope will be beneficial in many ways. Karate is challenging mentally and physically and requires attention to detail and outside practice. Combine your physical and mental capabilities with hard work and discipline and you will be unstoppable!